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    Originally posted by pal666 View Post
    but you have made zero contributions to free software mali driver. why?
    As far as I know (and maybe not the answer you want to hear) it's because the DDK worked just fine. With that extra dev time we were able to do much more on the usability/functionality side of the OS.


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      Originally posted by rukur View Post
      I like how endless have an "offline" so to speak idea. And the flipping apps over to see the code is insanely useful for people learning coding.
      Great indeed, it used to be that everything was friendly to offline. The DOS/Windows and CD-ROM days.

      I only wish we had removable media that's sized like a smartcard or business card, like USB or SD storage but sized for handling by humans. It would also leave room to write what the card's content is about. If it was $1 and 1GB that would be great too though not very realistic yet.
      If debit or credit cards were sized like SD, SIM or micro SD I bet we would be pissed of lol