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Collabora Rolls Out CODE 2.0 Update

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  • Collabora Rolls Out CODE 2.0 Update

    Phoronix: Collabora Rolls Out CODE 2.0 Update

    Collabora has announced an update to their Online Development Edition 2.0 platform...

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    Microsoft Office has nothing like this.


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      Trying to use collabera is painful if you're not using their docker instance. Its beyond painful. In fact, I can't get it running. I'm employed as a midlevel sys-admin. I hack on salt rules, I run my own stack for comms and data. I am master of nginx, apache, mysql. My owncloud server runs neatly with php 7, nginx

      Trying to get it compiled and installed from source is nigh impossible and there are no instructions and no make file. There are no signed precompiled packages or repositories for production OS's like debian or Cent.

      If you are not running docker, which most of us really don't, this is unusable.

      I cannnot spin up collabora on my xen box, nor on digital ocean, nor on AWS.

      It is fucking useless