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Lightworks 14 Video Editor Beta Updates

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  • Lightworks 14 Video Editor Beta Updates

    Phoronix: Lightworks 14 Video Editor Beta Updates

    For those in need of a professional-grade Linux video editor, the Lightworks 14 release is near as the latest feature-update that is more than powerful enough if needing to do any simple home video editing or of holiday videos...

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    So it's one of those "we'll open source it, but it never really happened" cases?


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      Looks it. And a pity, but it is still a good free beer editor for all. KDEnlive will hopefully fill the gap in years to come however for the libre side of things. It's already a great tool for most.


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        Does it run under F25/(X)wayland yet? Last time I checked (~3 weeks ago), it did not.


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          Although not as complete, but for my needs openshovideo is far sufficient: Better and faster than kdenlive, well supported, strongs effects :-)


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            Blender works as a video editor, too. Plus it has a compositor function.


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              Here's why the talk of Lightworks going open-source turned out to be BS. Their free version is crippleware, meaning the moment they open the source it is forked and artificial restrictions on rendering get removed, along with all traces of online activation, accounts, and the rest of that shit. Also the free fork would switch to free implementations of the codecs. Even if only the crippleware version were released as source, any missing codepaths would be reverse-engineered, certainly any refusal to do something because a license check failed would be chopped out of the code.