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KDE Plasma 5.9 Being Released In One Month With Many New Features

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    Originally posted by birdie View Post
    As far as I know there are no tools for Linux which can conclusively/exactly calculate RSS usage so 90MB of shared RAM is a figment of your imagination.
    RSS it's at most an overestimation of the memory owned by a process. ksysguard reports PSS memory, which is a better estimation of process used memory. My PC (1 week uptime) throws a private memory of 176 MiB and a shared of another 100 MiB for plasma-shell (full blown desktop with lots of plasmoids, open apps, etc), which divided by the number of processes using it gives only 14 MiB. So the numbers we are saying (~400 MiB for a fresh start) are reasonable.

    Originally posted by birdie View Post
    When I ran my copy of the KDE Neon image I had nothing in tmpfs. Also could you please tell me how the kernel could have used 350MB of RAM?
    By the image you posted it's a livecd image, right? Doesn't the squashfs set an overlay tmpfs? oh yes, it does!

    Originally posted by birdie View Post
    Also, seeing that I totally dropped caches, do you really believe that memory could have been used by anything else? Hell fucking no! It's 100% claimed and 100% allocated.
    Didn't I posted that dirty pages in cached mem can't be claimed by only writing to drop_caches? It's on the man page for god sake. And for the last time: cached mem are a CACHE for files (or any other block device). It's NOT memory allocated to any user process.

    Originally posted by birdie View Post
    It seems like every idiot on Phoronix can claim whatever BS they imagine about their $favourite_de yet I'm the only one who can stand for his claims using hard numbers.
    Your hard numbers are based on incorrect assumptions of how linux memory management works.

    PS: Plasma desktop can be improved? Sure! Does it work nicely enough tough? For me, and a lot of people, yeah!