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GNOME vs. KDE: The Top Linux Desktop News Of 2016

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  • GNOME vs. KDE: The Top Linux Desktop News Of 2016

    Phoronix: GNOME vs. KDE: The Top Linux Desktop News Of 2016

    For those curious about the most viewed GNOME and KDE news of 2016, we have you covered...

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    popcorns, check, beer, check, massive flames incoming, check.


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      GNOME Desktop Environment has been one of my favorite desktop environments so far with Unity being the second and elementary OS' Pantheon Desktop Environment being my third favorite. Deepin is very cool, although the last time I used it, it seems to be hard-coded to specific GNOME/GTK release as far as changing wallpaper goes. It has a very nice app launcher that blurs the wallpaper and shows me the categories of applications and it has a very nice sidebar, but it didn't let me add a wallpaper from the Pictures folder. I've had to use a specific version of Deepin-provided Nautilus to do that. (It's actually "Deepin File Manager:" Installing Deepin isn't a very fluid experience in Arch Linux and so is Pantheon desktop manager and Unity. One desktop environment I have not tried is Budgie DE.
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        Originally posted by Griffin View Post
        GNOME gave up on shipping a true desktop years ago. Dumb choice.


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          Originally posted by GraysonPeddie View Post
          One desktop environment I have not tried is Budgie DE.
          Budgie is basically a different shell (aimed at desktop user) for GNOME. Think of it like Cinnamon, but it is not a divergent fork of the whole damn thing, it only replaces the shell while all the rest comes straight from GNOME. Ah yes, and does not run like crap, unlike Cinnamon.

          It's the only way I'd use GNOME on a desktop PC.
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            I didn't mind Budgie, however it is rather early days so missing allot of features and compatibility that I'm quite use to from the other desktop environments I've used, so I had to stop using it.

            Currently I use Manjaro KDE release and it's been quite good, I tried KDE a while ago and didn't like it but the latest versions seem pretty decent. I even have it on my laptop, however I think I'm suffering battery issues which might force me to move back to Windows7 on that system


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              2016 is the year is switched to KDE on my main desktop thanks to the NEON distro and the AMDGPU OSS drivers (<3 padoka ppa).


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                imo both kde and gnome are going to be the best desktop (and mobile) ambient. I'm pleasant surprised by Fedora itself: the first distro to adopt wayland as default.


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                  Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
                  To stoke the flames further, given GNOME on Wayland currently appears to violate the principles of the desktop metaphor (plus basic customisation requires undocumented hacks), perhaps the correct term for GMOME these days is a "God knows" environment.

                  BTW I like sweet popcorn.


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                    Greetings from a happy Gnome user for 2 years+

                    KDE was complicated and nice to customize, but Gnome is simple and really helps me get business work done.