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Lightworks 14 Steps Closer To Release, UI Updates & More

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  • Lightworks 14 Steps Closer To Release, UI Updates & More

    Phoronix: Lightworks 14 Steps Closer To Release, UI Updates & More

    The Lightworks cross-platform video editor for Linux/macOS/Windows is on the verge of a big new release with Lightworks 14.0 while out today is a new beta release...

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    On Fedora 25 I get "Unable to create main window". Clicking "OK" (the only option) closes the program. Maybe a wayland incompatibility? I am short on time, maybe I try to pin down the error later...


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      Not gonna lie, the new UI looks really fly, a nice buff


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        Confimed: no wayland support for now


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          It's amazing how much like Kdenlive the new interface looks(at least on a screenshot), even if not exactly the same.

          Unfortunately, if you want to export to something other than Youtube, Vimeo, or a lightworks project file, Lightworks become payware, neither free nor open. They keep promising open source but that never comes out, probably as it would lead instantly to forks with the crippleware restrictions and activation requirement entirely removed. The free version's online-render only is totally incompatable with my use case, as is online activation.

          Barring a source release, I see the Linux port as a way to get its Windows users onto linux-and as insurance that they can stay in business if MS ever locks Windows to the Microsoft store, same as Steam's linux port. Windows 10 could also force the bucks-up target market for paid/pro video editors onto Linux at some point in he future. This is due to the dangers of corporate espionage presented by the Windows 10 remote-access business model. One big data breach that gives Studio B access to Studio A's $200M worth of clips for some movie, and nobody making movies will ever run Windows again. Lightwork's competitors such as Adobe ought to think about that.

          As a user of and hacker on Kdenlive, I have been quite curious to test Lightworks on an isolated system free of my encryption and clips, but I do not have, do not want, and cannot make accounts(with no SMS and on my secured systems) on Google or Vimeo. In addition I have Internet bandwidth that would throttle a Pentium 4, so only offline rendering is of ever of any relevence, I would be interested in render speed, render quality, and GPU enabled effects for this comparison. The comparison would be to Kdenlive with Movit(GPU effects) enabled from GIT master.

          I still need one thing for all-out, GPU-assisted editing in Kdenlive with good performance: a port of the "defish" effect to Movit so the GPU can handle it instead of choking playback and render with a CPU defish job. I shoot with a fisheye very close to the action in which I am embedded, thus the need to defish. The ultimate would be to port the "lens correction" rather than "defish" effect to Movit, then add to it the crucial interpolation modes available in the "defish" effect, which lacks edge correction and axis offset correction. Without the interpolation options, the "lens correction" effect gets jaggies, so the "defish" effect must be used instead even without the extra correction options. That makes it critical to line the camera up exactly right when shooting.

          For me, some pointers on how to write Movit effects and to port effects to Movit would probably be enough. In the meantime I build Kdenlive, MLT, and Movit from git master and deal with the resulting bugs as I see them. The last few released versions are quite stable as long as you do NOT use Movit. With Movit/GPU enabled effects, there are a lot more bugs but some things can be done that are computationally impractice on the CPU. Unfortunately the effects that need this the most do not yet exist in Movit. Getting all the effects, plus luma images for the wipe transition onto the GPU would fix most of the bugs I get in Movit mode as well as nearly doubling render speed and greatly improving timeline playback.


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            Edit for above: Apparently Lightworks allows the free version to save 720p to computer instead of Youtube but that does not always work. They only allow 1080p to go to Vimeo. This kind of partnering with ad-supported streaming sites in preference to local download disgusts me. Crippleware


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              Originally posted by Luke View Post
              Edit for above: Apparently Lightworks allows the free version to save 720p to computer instead of Youtube but that does not always work.
              It should work, be aware that you need to select the end of the clip inside the content, not at infinity like the editor keeps it. This made me loose some hours when it failed (after rendering all) with "clip not found" or something, yeah hope they get better error messages too, back in v12.x they're pretty useless, like "error: unknown error"


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                Is it Lightworks 14 or 14 steps closer???