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The New Feature Highlights For The Upcoming Wine 2.0

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    Originally posted by DJViking View Post
    What about bcrypt support? Enabling playing DOOM now that Denuvo has been removed.
    check the patches mailinglist. Soon (tm)


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      Originally posted by nomadewolf View Post

      It isn't ready yet, so... let's be patient.

      How so? Do you use Winetricks? It can work magic... it allows you to create 'virtual machines' where you can have different configs and wine versions... Never had an issue with the dostros i use. (never tried Gentoo)
      Maybe I used it wrong, but I remember many issues with non-gaming software. The infamous Circuit Wizard was one of them, luckily I'm not going to use it anymore as I abandoned electronics temporarily.

      Originally posted by bemerk View Post
      check the patches mailinglist. Soon (tm)
      Why do you expect patches from him? Is Codeweavers going to send him a check for that?