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Calligra 3.0 Is Ready As A Qt5 / KDE Frameworks 5 Office Suite

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    Originally posted by carewolf View Post
    Words in particular has been neglected since the split of koffice and calligra, since it was the kword maintainer that stayed with koffice.
    The KWord maintainer was the sole reason for the split. It's not like he managed to get anything done with KWord on his own.


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      Originally posted by bug77 View Post
      The market for these suites is shrinking fast. Between Google's Docs that cover the basics for most users and Microsoft's Office which is now available online (thus usable from Linux), the space for hobby projects is just not there any more.
      (And yes, I know you can't use Google's Docs for DTP.)
      Fortunately, devleopers often don't write code because it's practical or even desired, but simply to scratch their own curiosity, interest or add the feeling of atonomy to their life. And some time after a project is born it starts to pick up professional characteristics that allow it to compete.