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GNOME 2.24 Desktop Released!

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  • GNOME 2.24 Desktop Released!

    Phoronix: GNOME 2.24 Desktop Released!

    As expected, GNOME 2.24 has been released this afternoon. The GNOME 2.24.0 desktop environment incorporates the Empathy Instant Messenger application, the Ekiga 3.0 VoIP client, improved file browsing in Nautilus, Deskbar enhancements, RandR 1.2 control support, and numerous other improvements...

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    Sweet, so I don't have to use the nVidia utility for all that stuff with the next gnome

    ...I hope the nVidia X drivers get RandR 1.2 support and XRender soon....

    I'm not doing as much gaming as I thought I would, and I had to send my 1420n back three times for hardware repair (finally they replaced the right part, they're more or less incompetent and their ubuntu support is terrible, they're all like scared of me)...
    I'd hate to think that choosing nVidia has brought me /nothing/ but trouble..
    DRI2 also, I've got to have my 3d screensaver desktop backgrounds in compiz..

    I didn't know I could select panel applets with the keyboard before-- mainly because it doesn't work in compiz I suppose... but that's really nice, I thought that might have been one of the things i gave up to ditch windows, apparently not.

    A bunch of people filed bugs on Intrepid to include Ekiga 3.0, but since it's part of gnome that shouldn't be a problem..