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Lenovo Issues Yoga Laptop BIOS Update To Fix Linux Woes

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  • Lenovo Issues Yoga Laptop BIOS Update To Fix Linux Woes

    Phoronix: Lenovo Issues Yoga Laptop BIOS Update To Fix Linux Woes

    Last month was the controversy over some Lenovo Yoga laptops not working with Linux that was first alleged to be due to a Microsoft "Signature PC" requirement that later turned out to be incorrect. Well, the good news now is that Lenovo has issued a BIOS update and should allow for better Linux compatibility...

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    Do Lenovo still do that BIOS Wifi whitelisting nonsense or have they dropped it like HP, I believe HP stopped it about 18 months or so ago ?


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      Hopefully that means it was an oversight rather than something malicious


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        Well, well.
        On one hand it is sad that people took these strange measures. I mean, if the W32 driver is so bad then why not patch it? Instead they mess up HW/firmware to prevent W32 from loading its default drivers and instead "fallback" to some strange proprietary blob. OMG.
        (I assume it was actually that reason and not to prevent alternate OSs from being run on these "signature editions" or whatever those were called.)

        On the other hand it is good to see that there seemed to be enough shit raining / storming around that Lenovo chose to not ignore it and release a patched firmware. So from that POV. it's good that Linux based OS / alternate OS are not ignored anymore.
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          Thanks for whoever made a big social noise about this. I do not have this product but I think more and more companies like lenovo should consider Linux users and also open standards.


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            Great news. I'm a bit worried about the precedent of Lenovo having to maintain separate firmwares for Linux and Windows though...

            Still, well done Lenovo!


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              Does Lenovo still use this proprietary Dolby crap?


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                Glad to see that Lenovo listened Linux users! To be honest I did not bet a lot on it at start, but finally that's a good news.


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                  The funny thing is, When I used to run windows I would get significantly more consistent IO performance by changing the chipset access from Intel-thingy to AHCI.
                  It also made the system boot faster.

                  I really don't see why one would ever want to use the proprietary intel raid interface, it is inferior to AHCI + software raid (if you need it) in every way. Especially in recovering data...


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                    What about dual-boot?