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    Originally posted by rastersoft View Post

    Use Vala or Python with Gtk.
    Vala is only used by the GNOME community and it seems like it will stay that way. Nobody wants to bother with a language with such limited usage.

    Python is okay for small scripts, but I don't know if its any language to be used for anything more serious.
    It is dynamically typed, not statically typed, so bugs and crashes are much harder to detect, and will be occur at runtime instead of caught at compile-time.


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      Originally posted by Marc Driftmeyer View Post

      Right, because C++ and all it's ilk adds so much value as a `better C'. You know, like Multiple Inheritance and other crap that reminded me how much I despise Java and C++ and its language semantics which got praise, yet ObjC/Cocoa was panned: until everyone started mimicking NeXT/Apple's MVC model within C++.

      I had high hopes for Swift, but it's readability as a self-documenting source makes C++ look like a dream by comparison.

      People complain about C being arcane to read.

      Seriously, all these languages are becoming more and more illegible to the layman's eye. Hell, let's go all hog in with Assembly.

      The irony for myself who loves Pure and Applied Mathematics as a Mechanical Engineer is that Programming will never be the Art of Mathematics until it can agree upon a formal language notation that is universal in all implementations. That will never happen.
      Assembly does have its speed advantages. Look at KolibriOS, for example (or code from the 80's/90's for computers back then). Assembly is a great language once you'll really learn it (though I personally haven't).