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Battle Brews Over Firefox In Ubuntu 8.10

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    CNET is the world's leader in tech product reviews, news, prices, videos, forums, how-tos and more.

    Mozilla Chair Mitchell Baker, said in a blog post Monday that Mozilla had made a "giant error" in putting the wrong content into the end-user license agreement (EULA), which lays out how people can legally use the software.
    "The most important thing here is to acknowledge that, yes, the content of the license agreement is wrong," Baker wrote. "The correct content is clear that the code is governed by Floss (free/libre/open-source software) licenses, not the typical end-user license agreement language that is in the current version. We created a license that points to the Floss licenses, but we've made a giant error in not getting this to Ubuntu, other distributors, and posted publicly for review. We'll correct this asap."


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      How much do you want to bet this is really about money? The real question, in that case, is whether it's OK for our open source projects to be funded by cooperations, do we want that? I don't think there's anything wrong with that, in a market that's not poisoned with billions of dollars of black market money. That's not the market we have today. We have corruption in high places, massively. So is it a concern if our open source projects are in bed with that filth? Very clearly it is a concern. Does it make an absolute statement? No; concerns are not accusations.

      If we have people saying “WTF!”....that's a separate but related issue, moral corruption. If I'm feeling angry, then I'm not going to stomach that anger. That doesn't mean there's any reason to be angry. That's not a statement about anything. It's just an expression of my feelings. If we're going to let people tell us what's appropriate for us to feel or when it's appropriate to feel or why we feel what we feel, in my extremely not humble opinion, that's the real place where we begin to lose our liberty. I understand there are rules to posting here that we have to follow those rules, but I don't think we should restrict those sorts of expressions. Right or wrong, so what. It don't mean anything. And if it makes YOU angry, that's your issue, you need to take a time out and think about it, put down that baba of alcohol and actually try and make something of yourself for a change, for Christ's sake.

      Thanks Phoronix Community for the opportunity to discuss these things here. I don't think these are sweet it under the rug, meaningless issues. I think these are life and death, real issues. Very cool that we're talking about them here, even if the story appears to be how out of place any dissent on the issue is.

      Be real; be sober.
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        How many read the EULA?

        Choose your way - choose your path:

        User friendlyness -or- Brand protection