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OpenSK Hopes To Be The Vulkan Of Audio/Multimedia

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    Originally posted by Ancurio View Post
    I see what you mean. Are the effects processing APIs really part of core OpenAL? The specification makes no mention of them as far as I saw.
    "3.5.2. Velocity Dependent Doppler Effect" Is an explicit one. There's a lot of frequency and amplitude operations that could be generalized but were wrapped around to suit Creative hardware. Those are a bit more subtle and need some background in sound engineering to spot.

    Originally posted by Ancurio View Post
    I agree that the OpenGL's way of abstracting direct access away is a bit outdated, but it's not too bad IMO, especially since system performance these days hardly bottlenecks audio performance (latency is a whole nother topic though). Thankfully there's no binding of object names; instead the OpenGL DSA style is used for passing handles directly.
    OpenGL represents the hardware of it's age. It wasn't intentionally poorly abstracted in malice like DirectX or OpenAL. And over time, they've corrected and re-fractured the problem spots as they surfaced with varying degrees of success.
    However, old APIs are old APIs and lately they've failed to keep up with the hardware. It started with GPGPU like CUDA and OpenCL that just couldn't be contained under OpenGL. Then the embedded people didn't want to support decades old instructions so they asked for EGL Finally stuff like the Xeon Phi came out... So. the Khronos concluded it's time to clean house came up with Vulkan.
    Is OpenGL bad? No. It's simply outdated for many use-cases. In the graphics sphere, it could even be said that 99% of programmers will never use the Vulkan capabilities to optimize their code. But for commercial game engine developers, emulators, compute and so on... The Vulkan features matter.