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    Originally posted by bug77 View Post
    Ok, I yield. Wtf are you [debianxfce] trying to say?
    Who cares. I'm catching up with two weeks of Phoronix and debianxfce's posts are all self-centered irritating garbage that has lowered the quality of every topic he or she commented on.
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      Huge props for actually trying it out! People who rant about alternative DEs and distros (and systemd and PulseAudio) based on their experience from 2014 or earlier add no value whatsoever to discussions.

      Originally posted by rabcor View Post
      Bad: Super/Meta does not open the start menu yet (seriously get with the times, all the other environments allow you to do this by now, even XFCE)
      That's bothered me more and more returning to Kubuntu from Windows and Ubuntu. It's bug 154564, which like many KDE bug reports has good technical explanation ("Using modifiers as shortcuts needs to be supported by kglobalaccel."), various workarounds (KSuperKey app, remap it to F13), and a great summary by Martin Gräßlin who also comments "For Wayland the functionality is already implemented." !!

      Originally posted by rabcor View Post
      Wonky default file associations... I want my links opened in a f***ing browser
      Are you using Firefox? Perhaps Neon doesn't ship a good firefox.desktop file associating it with the right file types. I was frustrated by this; as I recall (I'm booted into Windows — for shame! — right now) you can easily specify your default browser in KDE System Settings but getting it to be the default for all the file types it can display is non-trivial, especially if you're running Firefox builds from Mozilla (Bug 296568 Firefox should have a firefox.desktop file for Linux builds).


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        Originally posted by rabcor
        Bad: Tearing frequently happens (but to be completely fair, it happens on all environments I've tried lately, not just KDE. It's an X11 problem more than kde problem, but it's KDE's job to fix X's inherent problems, since it's KDE's job to make itself look good and behave nice)
        Hm, try going in main kde settings --> Display--> Compositor --> change the settings there.

        Disabling Vsync and/or changing the animation kind ("crisp") fixed tearing and artifacts on animations on mine.
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          Originally posted by gregzeng View Post

          The above url lists 13 distributions, based on KDE & UBUNTU. They all seem to have QT version 5.7 now.
          No, they don't.

          The link on the left had side of the software lift for each distro show the latest upstream version of Qt, 5.7.

          The actual packaged version for each distro to the right in the columns for each release shows 5.5.x mostly, in line with the version in the main ubuntu archive.

          Qt 5.6.x is not scheduled to land even in ubuntu yakkety yak for a couple of months, and backporting is non-trivial due to breakages if you want other packages in the main ubuntu archive to carry on working.

          Even Neon is only still on Qt 5.6.0, and that is only because they can make make the decision under their remit not to care about breaking some software not part of the KDE/plasma stack.


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            Originally posted by Passso View Post

            And now you love it... case closed you have a bipolar personality
            I'm not bipolar, KDE has simply improved on the things that bothered me last time I tried it (which was btw an earlier 5.X version, so not very very long ago or anything) I'm not so biased that I fail to see good where it exists in things that were not good before. Besides, they changed the cashew into a different sort of icon, and created the long missing option to remove it, that was the thing I hated the most about KDE from an aesthetic viewpoint (I will admit I blew that problem like way out of proportion, but over time it just became such a silly problem that the more I thought about it the more stupid it looked)

            Originally posted by anda_skoa View Post
            I just assumed that these programs were from KDE as KDE's developer community is the main user of the frameworks, but of course those program you are using could have been created by somebody else.
            Over simplification on my part, sorry.

            That is Plasma, i.e. the name of the Desktop Shell product created by KDE is Plasma.
            Like Windows being the operating system product created by Microsoft.

            It can be confusing when use the name of the vendor when talking about a specific product without clarifying that this is done.

            Your clarfication has solved this, when you are referring to "KDE" you mean the desktop, "Plasma".

            Hence the work on Wayland support.

            Might be an arch thing, I have both Dolphin and Konqueror.

            Could depend on what kind of compositor backend one is using or with which driver, etc. Haven't seen such an effect myself, using the XRender backend with Intel drivers/hardware.

            Krita can open jpg, if no other program is associated with that then it will be opened.
            If multiple are associated then it depends on the priority stated in their .desktop files.

            Here clicking on an image opens an image viewer, in my case Gwenview.

            I don't know, most programs I have support non-local files.
            But I think you can configure if you want HTTP to be treated differently and always opened in a browser, even if the content is not a web page.

            I like the default setting of opening files in the application I have associated with that type, e.g. images in an image viewer, PDFs in a PDF viewer, ODT documents in LO Writer, web pages in a browser.

            Translated into my native language, which is German, I think it means something you do.
            Like "working", or "working an a specific project", or "watching videos", etc.

            I think that is also the meaning in English, but it might not translate so well into other languages, German and English are closely related.

            Actually it is a plugin shell, the browser plugin being one of more widely used ones.

            Not sure one can really compare a word processor and a developer editor or a word processor and a simple text editor, since the use case is quite different.
            LibreOffice writer doesn't even have support for syntax highlighting, for example and it starts too slow to be useful for viewing/editing small text files.

            Aside from the desktop product, the vendor KDE has also quite some nice programs IMHO.
            Dolphin, Kate, Okular, etc.
            Might want to give those a try as well while you are checking out KDE software

            I already outlined why I don't use Dolphin (really simple, too slow at opening folders with a large collection of files, also buggy indexing, indexing should solve this problem but indexing has bugs so it is unreliable, and the index doesn't get updated in real time, or didn't last time I was using it, and that left a lasting impression on me not to trust dolphin)

            I told you why I don't like Kate, as a text editor it is insufficient, as a developer editor it is insufficient, there are programs that do everything kate does better.

            Okular I may try though, but right now I don't mind just viewing PDFs in my browser (chromium)

            However there is one KDE software I use exhaustively, it has literally become the most important program on my computer. at any time. Krita, I'm an artist, or try to be anyhow hehe. I'm a dev too, but I haven't really been particularly pleased or displeased with any development environments, I tend to just work from Sublime Text, on windows I just use notepad++, it's the simple things in life right? Too lazy to learn to use VIM, but I would if I wasn't, I can see the benefits of it.

            Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
            Hm, try going in main kde settings --> Display--> Compositor --> change the settings there.

            Disabling Vsync and/or changing the animation kind ("crisp") fixed tearing and artifacts on animations on mine.
            Believe me I've tried everything in that area (except using xrender, what's the point, right?), but after finding that the only thing this issue affected was KDE system programs (like the settings menu) and it isn't affecting all kde framework software (like it's not affecting Krita) I can live with this bug. It is easily a very damning bug tho, might be specific to Nvidia hardware.

            I've also been using KDE for a few days now (ever since I made that post really) and I've found new bugs, the worst one in particular is anothr compositor bug, very often when I start the system, as it is outostarting all the stuff I like to have it autostart (to be fair it's a lot of stuff, with window rules across many desktops, window rules have worked very well too, they are working fairly well, some bugs but nothing breaking, I expected such a feature to be partly faulty to begin with, it's the best window rules system I have ever seen)

            The uh taskbar gets fucked, or more it freezes, it's like the compositor renders the taskbar once, and then keeps it rendered that way (basically it looks like it is frozen in one state, the clock won't change) but the taskbar itself is not frozen, it is functioning, I can press buttons on it, I just can't reliably see them (like on all desktops it looks like it's showing me tasks from desktop 4 and desktop 6, but not all of them, and not any tasks on the other desktops, but in reality if I click them there are no buttons there because the taskbar underneath is working fine) restarting the compositor fixes this. There are also a couple other bugs I've encountered but they're all pretty minor.