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    Originally posted by F1esDgSdUTYpm0iy View Post
    And yet, here you are, complaining and whining about getting your hands dirty. Maybe you are the one that does not know what he's talking about... or doing, for that matter. Couple of minutes of "work" and it carries over between application versions and kernel versions just fine. But, well, who am I, right? You know everything, you have all the answers, Mr. I-Can-MAKE-A-ToolChain.
    "Couple minutes of work" ? I have to check all the patches, search for new issues that might have been found upstream after the release, look into them so that I have at least a clue of what it is all about, do a final compile and check the tool. And then usually recompile shitload of system packages and figure out why the hell some of them fail.
    I can't remember when it was less than few hours of work, usually at least a day.

    If it was so simple, then someone else would file a bug and attach fresh patch and ebuild for other to try. But usually, when I want to play with new gcc, there is nothing on and even stuff in overlays comes much later. And even then I would have to check how it was done, so I'm usuall better off on my own.

    2. AFAICT, I seem to be in the top 1 or perhaps few percent of all Gentooers knowledgewise. So, if that level is not nearly enough to set OS for f***ing browser, who is meant to use that stuff ?


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      Originally posted by Brane215 View Post
      "Couple minutes of work"
      I meant properly configuring your OS and browser to make sure your browser runs as fast as it can. That is just a couple of minutes of actual work, although, depending on the distribution in use, the machine might actually have to spend some time working on its own (compiling a kernel); still, on part of the user, the work is in fact measured in minutes. Not hours, not days, not months.

      Regarding your knowledgeability, I am going to take that one with a grain of salt. Nothing personal but if I, someone who only fairly recently switched from Windows to Linux can make Google Chrome behave on Linux without too much effort then either you really are just lazy or you're not nearly as knowledgeable as you think you are.


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        Originally posted by startas View Post

        And windows is still much better at everything, lol. You have no idea, pal. Even if windows have more toolkits, they all have much better themes, while linux only has a bunch of trash themes... That should tell you just how far linux is behind - all windows toolkits has better themes than those 2 linux toolkits, and windows has a native, rock solid theme that looks better than anything linux will have in thousands of years, just because linux is focusing on command line, and everything graphics related on linux is crap...
        Linux beats this crap in nearly everything. Maybe except dozens of available software, but it's changing. Windows copied from KDE. When comes to themes they look like trash in windows with dozens of different toolkits. It's a total inconsistent and insecure mess. And it looks terrible.


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          Every time Google makes claims like this, I never notice a difference.


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            I wish there was a way to block those annoying CSS overlays. They waste time whenever they appear and you have to click on something or do something before they will disappear and let you view the page. That kills any speed benefits right there.