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Google Chrome, is it a good thing?

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    Originally posted by StringCheesian View Post
    "The other three guys" besides himself. That makes 4. Still a pretty small team, granted.
    Well he's to busy blogging


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      Originally posted by deanjo View Post
      Then there is also the fact that this might give too much leverage to google as well for current and presents standards. HTML5 for example still does not have a set codec solution that all supporters can agree on. Now I can really see Googles service such as YouTube becoming the bully on the block and forcing others to use what Google decides should be. for example. the codec standard.

      It just feels to me like we could be trading a bunch of monkeys for one 1000kg gorrilla.

      Well it looks like the first shots have been fired, straight at adobe and ms.


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        and now this....

        Google = wolf in sheeps clothing


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          Even if you're not a conspiracy theorist, there's no reason to use Chrome if you mainly relay on Google as your search engine. It's worrying enough that Google gives money to the Mozilla Foundation, ensuring even more people use their search engine. I mean, what's the next thing, the Google Operating System?

          IceCat isn't all too bad, though.

          All in all, I don't think speed was ever Firefox's greater appeal. If you're looking for speed, there are plenty of excellent browsers that deliver information quickly (e.g. elinks). But if you want to use Adblock, Flashblock, and numerous extensions that make browsing comfortable, nothing beats Firefox.


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            google chrome sucks as does safari:

            btw, people on the forums tried the test with konqueror - which had the best results....