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Firefox 47 Beta Enables VP9, Embedded YouTube Videos Use HTML5

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    Originally posted by Gusar View Post
    x264 only got good when Dark Shikari started working on it, adding all sorts of psy enhancements, like variance based adaptive quantization and psychovisual rate-distortion decisions. When VAQ was being developed, there was a huge thread at the forums where people tested out various experimental settings. Everyone used their eyes in those tests and posted example screenshots, no one posted metrics. *That* is how you make a good encoder, not by plotting PSNR and SSIM graphs.
    That just means the metrics suck, not that you shouldn't ever use them.

    Testing "by eye" is always going to be a matter of guesswork. You can use it, of course, but what really needs to happen is someone needs to create a metric that properly measures things that match up to quality the eye sees.