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Pidgin IM Client 2.5.0 Released

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  • Pidgin IM Client 2.5.0 Released

    Phoronix: Pidgin IM Client 2.5.0 Released

    Pidgin 2.4.0 was released back in March with a number of new features, but replacing that this week is Pidgin 2.5.0. This update delivers a number of new features such as the ability for libpurple to create custom emoticons, SSL certifications support to the NSS SSL plug-in, the MSN protocol is updated to version 15, MSN offline IM now supported, Finch improvements, and there are many other changes...

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    I like the improvements a lot. Though it's been crashing on me today.


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      ..well, I've got ubuntu backports enabled and look forward to seeing this update land on my machine.

      (Won't compile it myself 'cause I've got 'install' aliased to 'sudo apt-get install'... and I like it that way.)


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        It's available on if you want .debs

        I dislike the revised smiley theme. It's worse imho...


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          I don't get why they made instead of just helping the MOTU keep things up. Does canonical complicate things enough to warrant that?


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            The process is kinda botched, yes.

            To get a package into Ubuntu, you have to be friends with MOTU's if you want it ever in. Same with Debian. And to update a package, it either has to be a security fix, or you wait 6 months until the next release.

            So is there for new / updated packages. For updating packages, they base the .debs off ubuntu ones (even keep the credits), so the 'quality' is the same. For new ones, it's pretty good too, as the process receives QA before publishing and etc.


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              The one in getdeb is for Hardy. I hope for a Gutsy release. I did a backport of Hardy's pidgin for my Gutsy before though.


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                Getdeb won't do a gutsy one, no. Space, time limitations... so don't wait.


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                  As I figured too.

                  Anyway, there's nothing wrong with my pidgin, so I'll patiently wait for a proper backport of the next pidgin release to Gutsy, where/when ever that is.