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Kodi HTPC Software Is Being Ported To Run On Valve's Steam Link

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  • Kodi HTPC Software Is Being Ported To Run On Valve's Steam Link

    Phoronix: Kodi HTPC Software Is Being Ported To Run On Valve's Steam Link

    Earlier this month Valve released the Steam Link SDK for opening up this Linux-powered $50 device with Qt, SDL, and OpenGL ES support.While the Steam Link is a device intended for streaming Steam games to your television, one of the interesting ports so far with this SDK is aiming to get the Kodi HTPC software running on the Link...

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    If Kodi does get ported to Steam Link, I'm unsure if Steam Link could support Dolby TruHD and DTS-HDDTS-HD-MA passthrough, let alone Dolby Atmos.

    I'm also unsure if Plex Home Theater could be ported as well, given that I have Plex Pass.

    Might as well build an mITX system (Mini-Box M350, for instance) for HTPC usage instead and just install OpenELEC and add PleXBMC as an add-on. But it won't be as small as Steam Link.
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      If Kodi works, plex would be trivial. Kodi does the heavy lifting. while using plex, you're usually connected to a server that's providing the power.


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        That seems like a waste of time - why not just put kodi in the steam application list and stream kodi like you do with the games? Thats the whole point of steam link is it not?


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          I am still hoping we will see a port the other way around, i.e. steam link functionality on other ARM linux based devices like an Odroid or RasberryPI2 (Yes I know about Moonlight for Nvidia based streaming from a windows PC)
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            The Steamlink seems to use the slowest available hardware at a high price - without any bundled controller! I already own a FireTV (with USB port for XBox 360 controller) and a FireTV Stick (with BT controller). All I would need is an APK to use Steam streaming. It can't be so hard to build that. Every Android device around is more powerful and can run much more apps natively - including Kodi.