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    Originally posted by bug77 View Post

    Neah, the mere existence of a session to restore slows the startup process. It just happens that I have tried it with a session containing just the four Firefox windows, but I suspect the contents of the session doesn't really matter,
    Firefox (all windows), Thunderbird, Okular seem to always be restored correctly (VD1). Krusader, Konsole, Skype, Netbeans, there's no telling where these will be restored.
    It's actually a bit more complicated: if after startup I end up on VD2 or VD3, Firefox, Thuderbied and Okular are correctly restored to VD1, but the others are restored on whatever VD happens to show up first.
    You are right i actually forgot that konsole only works for me because i saved the session when i was on VD 4...
    It is really messed up :/ hope it gets fixed eventually...

    np and gl^^