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NetworkManager Now Supports Creating MAC VLANs

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  • NetworkManager Now Supports Creating MAC VLANs

    Phoronix: NetworkManager Now Supports Creating MAC VLANs

    As of this morning in NetworkManager is support for creating MAC VLAN and MAC VTAP devices...

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    Still can't do dialup though!


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      "MAC VLAN is like a reverse VLAN where a single network connection creates multiple virtual connections with different MAC addresses."

      MAC VLAN just creates subinterface per network connection. You can multiplex your network connection manually. How is that reverse VLAN? Regular VLAN also multiplexes the link to transport many independent layer 2 broadcast domains in an isolated manner over the same link. I found that phrase somewhere on the Internet and I think you just copied it without thinking about it.

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        Originally posted by Dick Palmer View Post
        This bug is in dire need of an upstream fix.
        That is, forcing providers to do their bloody part in improving the infrastructure.

        I'm damn sick of hearing that even network providers in developed countries are sometimes unwilling to provide broadband for every citizen.
        Their CEOs should be send to jail for numerous crimes (including embezzlement, seeing as how tax payers are forced to pay for their mistakes).