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Mozilla Puts An End To Firefox OS

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    Originally posted by unixfan2001 View Post

    Well. Apparently I missed that memo, as I'm still working on improving it for my own experimental OS (which uses XUL for its interface).
    Anyhow. It's not nearly as ugly as some people say it is. Most of the ugliness is due to redudancy (Mac OS X/Windows specific theming) in the Omni.ja assets. Slimmed down to one specific usecase it can still serve a purpose.

    Heck. Being an XML derived language, it's close to Microsoft's XAML. That alone could be a huge benefit to a certain kind of software developer.
    I guess if we're going to go that route: there's nothing inherently wrong with XUL itself, it's the implementation inside of Gecko that most people** (including Mozilla) have issues with. It was, at one point, a separate library and not as bad as it is now... but that time is no more and it is now a tumor upon the Gecko codebase.

    If somebody could write the XUL library separately again, and to take advantage of something like Qt or even Google's Aurora toolkit for cross-platform theme integration instead of having redundant code as you put it, it might even be worthwhile to give the XUL spec an update while we're at it. But as it stands, it's ugly :P


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      Originally posted by eidolon View Post

      If Thunderbird is freed from Mozilla (and survives), I might actually start using Thunderbird again. I have no faith in Mozilla as a bureaucracy. It might as well be mismanaged by AOL.
      Thunderbird fails for 1 only reason : the lack of support for Exchange...
      It could really be an Outlook alternative but as it is... useless : webmails are now giving a comparable experience with no install.

      So its only usage is the aggregation of multiple mailboxes.