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Pitivi 0.95 Released With Big Engine Rework

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  • Pitivi 0.95 Released With Big Engine Rework

    Phoronix: Pitivi 0.95 Released With Big Engine Rework

    Pitiv 0.95 has been released today as a significant update to the GNOME-aligned open-source, non-linear video editor...

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    PiTiVi is a nice piece of software, but they should really to something about their interface. things like having icon and text on button and other things like that really make it hard to focus on anything. having whole lot of icons on interface just takes away any point of them


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      I tried Pitivi 0.94 in the past and the constant crashing made it impossible to work with it. I hope they fixed that.


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        Yeah, I have found Pitivi to be a nice and simple videoeditor. However it was useless due to constant crashing. Stability should really be their number one priority.


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          Man, this is good news. I always like Pitivi a lot as a light, straight-forward video editor. But like most here it was so buggy it always crashed before any real editing work could be completed. It was far too buggy for any serious use.

          I have used Kdenlive and really never liked the "feel" of it. Very non-intuitive and if it runs without crashing leaves you scratching your head why it doesn't work as expected.
          Really this is the only area of real disappointment when I moved 100% to linux; there wasn't a good solid NLE (that didn't cost a mint) I used Sony Vegas but when you hit it's limitations the solution is always "buy the new version". I'm done with that.