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KDE Developer Asks: Is KDE 5 Stable Enough For Normal Users?

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  • KDE Developer Asks: Is KDE 5 Stable Enough For Normal Users?

    Phoronix: KDE Developer Asks: Is KDE 5 Stable Enough For Normal Users?

    KDE contributor Bj?rn Ruberg has written a blog post that he says isn't aimed as a rant but rather expressing concerns about the quality of the current KDE desktop (Plasma 5 + KDE Frameworks 5) and the issues he's experienced when running "KDE 5" on Fedora 22...

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    The answer is simple, it is not ready yet, and distributions that force it instead of KDE4 made a mistake...


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      Long story short: my personally experience says a loudest "NO!"
      I tested it first in openSUSE Tumbleweed, then in openSUSE Leap 42.1 (RC1 is a joke, it isn't even a beta), and the only thing that I've obtained is a raging hate against KDE 5.
      It's unstable (maybe a problem of how openSUSE packaged it?), missing many plasmoids, too much notification popup and sliding tooltip, don't import anything from KDE 4. So, if I make a comparison with KDE 4, KDE 5 is immature, and I'm starting to think that someone at openSUSE or at KDE, seriously wants to push people to try other DE (who said GNOME?).


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        It depends: if you have an HiDPI screen KDE 4 is simply not an option.
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          Yup. If you bought a laptop in the last 1-2 years, don't even bother with KDE. The HiDPI support is a joke, despite their devs repeatedly telling me it isn't. Have they even used GNOME on a HiDPI screen to see how well it works?

          With GNOME, I actually have a small script that will flip the scale factor and the font-scaling settings whenever I go from my internal laptop display (HiDPI) to my work monitors (low DPI) and everything adapts and resizes live. Chrome sometimes needs a resize event to fire to reprocess the settings and Sublime is still on GTK2 so it doesn't rescale until you close and reopen.

          All, still light years ahead of where KDE is. And that's on top of the biting reply I left them on their self-congratulatory post a while back about the re-designed login screen that looked like horse poop.

          I used to love KDE. I think I've still used it for longer than I've been using GNOME now, at lesat historically.... but uh... not again any time soon.


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            For me it's the opposite with Kubuntu 15.10. Only complaint I can concur is that the HDMI hot-plugging is very flaky and it takes forever to do anything except showing black screen. As a laptop user I'd like it to just mirror the screen (to TV) and only way to do that is with xrandr. I mean "Unified Output" goes up to 720p which I can't even...


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              I don't know about stability but I briefly tested KDE 5.4 and I really enjoyed it. I won't abandon Gnome 3.18 in favor of KDE anytime soon but I was impressed. I will definitely pay more attention to it's development.


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                I've been running Kubuntu Wily's beta and Plasma keeps crashing. at least it's really good at re-opening itself.
                It reminds me of how Kdenlive used to be before it got stable (it has amazing project recovery because the devs didn't trust it to be stable until they rewrote great parts of it).


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                  It's not perfect yet but I've been using it since late Plasma 5.2 without too many disasters. Some of the more annoying bugs are getting fixed too, and Plasma 5.4 is definitely better than 5.2 was.

                  There are still some lingering Kwin crashes that need to be addressed.
                  The other major annoying bug is that logging out of KDE often does *not* kill certain processes that linger around even after you log back in and require manual killing. Things like the kui processes. That really needs to be fixed.

                  P.S. --> I'm using Arch Linux with up to date Nvidia GPU drivers too. People with different hardware setups may be having a worst experience.
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                    On Plasma 5.3.2, it's quite stable but there ARE occasional crashes. Some annoying bugs still persist like language switcher not working, adding places to Dolphin do not get saved after reboots...etc. Hopefully 5.4 fixes these issues. Ironically hotplugging with HDMI on 2 monitors works like a charm without any issues.