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It's Been Five Months Since I Left Ubuntu For Fedora On My Main Workstation

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    SPOILER: i'm using ArchLinux since 2004 or something...
    i find it ridiculous to hear somebody prefering an obsoleete version of his OS for "Stability". I've hardly ever find bugs pertaning to the distro that escapes the very short Arch testing channel.

    So I'd like to understand if Arch maintainers are super talented or the problem with stability is endemic in the "quantized" update system.

    Also: i find it ridiculous that managing the packs of a system is sooo complicated that an upgrade can brake your system. Is it really true?


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      Originally posted by eltomito View Post
      I really didn't believe the auto system upgrade would work in Ubutnu when I wanted to go from 13.10 to 14.04. In the past, all the auto upgrade tool would do was take really long and then leave me with a thoroughly broken system. So, I backed up all my data and tried the auto upgrade just out of curiosity while fully prepared to do a full system reinstall. And guess what! It worked like a charm!
      So, thumbs up for Ubuntu for this one!! Yeah!!
      Editing sources, then #apt-get dist-upgrade worked fine for me multiple times, including 13.10 to 14.04 without any issues.
      It is not a recommended way, but since I have ZFS root, I can just rollback to a state before upgrade and it saves time, since I don't need to disable/enable all the PPAs.

      And Fedora must be really "great", if users like Michael are afraid to upgrade their distro... I guess I stay with Xubuntu
      And his main reason for a switch was focus on Unity/Mir it seems, as if Gnome3 was any better.


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        This article is trash. Michael, you better start to decide what audience you are targetting.

        After the virtualbox trash article here we are with another one.


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          Originally posted by sdack View Post
          I am amused, still, but am also beginning to wonder where you will take the discussion next. Seeing how you admit of not even reading the links and that headlines matter more to you than content, I'd say you are trolling me, and you are doing it because you find the article just as boring as I did only now are you trying to get some good fun out of the comment section. Am I right? Don't answer ...
          What? No. I of course read the whole article. But who actually clicks the links? They just lead back to old articles I've already read! Even if I did click them, why would I check the comments on old articles? The point is, Michael knows the amount of clicks, he knows the amount of interest. You do not. Thank you.


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            Originally posted by blackiwid View Post
            UBUNTU vs FEDORA vs ArchLinux

            Ubuntu has some really big problems, like basic stuff, its the only package manager I know of that is unable to keep in most distron the 2 most recent kernels and deinstall the older ones automaticly, this big bug they set to WONTFIX. it costed mi a few hours of my live leading in not beeing able to login to system because harddisk was full and other problems using craciest pipe commands on the console to get rid of that garbage. yes you can live with that but some people can even live with windows thats no argument.
            apt-get tells you when you have more than 3 versions of the kernel installed that you have packages that are no longer used. A simple sudo apt-get autoremove does the job.


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              I've done a similar path. >15 years using Linux, loved SuSE, then Slackware, then Gentoo, then Ubuntu, Debian, ArchLinux and now using Fedora on my primary workstation. Still often playing with the alternatives on other systems.

              I also have been skeptical about using "fedup" but the latest couples of upgrades were really smooth! I even witnessed some cases of directly upgrading from Fedora 21 to 23, never seen a problem. And dnf already replaced yum in both my fingertips and my hearth.. it's awesome as yum but feels quite a bit faster.

              I would suggest to give fedup a try!