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GTK+ File Chooser Receiving Many Improvements

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  • GTK+ File Chooser Receiving Many Improvements

    Phoronix: GTK+ File Chooser Receiving Many Improvements

    In working toward GNOME 3.17.4 later this month, the next version of the GTK+ tool-kit will receive a number of file chooser improvements and other work...

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    Now we just need Qt and Java to write gtk wrappers to utilizes gtk3. It's a little annoying that it's been 4 years since the first gtk3 release and those two still use gtk2 in their integration wrappers


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      Erm... I looked through the git log but no sign of implemented single-click. As they also closed the file chooser improvements bug they probably will never implement it. Really... just annoying, if you look at the history of that bug: opened 2003, closed as DUP of the aforementioned bug, and now ended without a solution...


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        ^Then you should
        1) Remove the duplicate link
        2) Get someone to do option 1 for you if you don't have permissions
        3) File a new bug if no one helps you with 1 or 2

        When there's a generic "metabug" and a bunch of duplicates, sometimes devs lose track of whether all the dupes got fixed. It's understandable. At other times, they do it on purpose as a passive-aggressive way to tell you that they don't care, which is really poor behavior. It would be better if they just directly said, "No. Fuck you. We're not spending time/effort on that and we're not going to merge a patch for it no matter how good it is." At least the reporters could stop hoping for a fix and move on to something else...


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          As far as GTK+, the only thing I care about is Wayland improvements.


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            Oh well, file chooser impreovements are always welcome, regardless if GTK or QT or something else. This is something I work with very often, so one would often get in tough with the enhancements.
            I don't know about memory footprints. I have all gtk+:2 gtk+:3 and Qt4 (soon to be 5?) installed on all my Gentoos, because a lot of programs still use GTK2. So maybe it still does have a lower memory footprint? Some did switch, though, away from gtk after gtk3.
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              this seems to be upstreamed too. although, i'm probably one of rare users who think this just doesn't belong here

              still, Gtk File chooser is getting pretty awesome. the only complaint i have is the fact that left pane contains and defaults to Recent. Recent just doesn't belong in Save dialog


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                The only thing I want in the new file Chooser is a Thumbnail view. Its so frustrating trying to navigate Krita pictures by file-name only.


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                  Emmanuele Bassi commented:

                  So, let's try and outline something that people can work on:
                  1. port the file system model used by GtkFileChooserWidget from GtkTreeModel to GListModel, using the various models available in GTK4
                  2. use GtkColumnView to implement the list views for the various states of the file chooser widget (browse, recent, search)
                  3. add a GtkGridView for an "icon-browse" state

                  Each one of these steps comes with various sub-issues that may require additional API or, at least, some poking at the internals of GTK. The GTK developers are happy to offer guidance; join the #gtk IRC channel (bridged on Matrix as