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    So, I've been using GAIM for what seems like forever, but the latest BETA is just not my cup of tea. Granted, it's better than 1.5 in some ways, but it still lacks simplicity it seems. One thing that grinds me is that if you type in your password wrong, you need to go into the preferences and remove it before you can try again.

    Does anyone use Kopete, or any recent versions of it? I am curious if it's better since I've last used it [over a year], without actually having to download it

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    I've used GAIM and Kopete (a couple of months back). While I cannot really say how Kopete is now as compared to before, I never did like it because I was so used to the GAIM user interface. Granted that user interface isn't an issue, my only other gripe is that it starts to truncate messages. I'm a person who likes to go back to my previous conversations, and Kopete does not allow that.

    I still stick with Gaim.


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      Rob: Why can't you just downgrade to the previous version?


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        I can downgrade, but there are a few features I like in both

        In 2.0, I can log on any account AS invisible before it connects. With 1.5, you have to first log in, and then switch to invisible. That doesn't work to well when people already see you.

        I could be wrong, but I've gathered that's how it works.


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          I can see why that would be pretty stupid behavior in 1.5. I don't use invisible much, so I've never come across issues like that.

          Have you ever tried naim? I've heard pretty good things about it, as long as you can stand a cli client...


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            Originally posted by Patrick
            Have you ever tried naim? I've heard pretty good things about it, as long as you can stand a cli client...
            I never have, but I am imagining that it would be more stressful than GAIM, hehe. Going to give it a shot anyway, should prove interesting.

            Edit: Opening it up was enough to me I'll stop complaining about GAIM now.


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              Depending on where I am, I use Kopete, Gaim, and centericq (for my CLI needs). I find myself quite comfortable on all of them, although I slightly prefer the look-and-feel of kopete (not surpising since I'm on KDE).

              I also use kwallet to handle my passwords, so I haven't encountered the problem you mentioned. I can't comment on whether that issue is there otherwise.


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                I don't have problems with my passwords. My primarily problem is that GAIM 1.5 requires you to first log on to an account, before changing your status to invisible. I am almost -always- invisible online because there are only a few people I feel like talking to. I am anti-social

                Maybe it is time to take another look at Kopete.


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                  I set myself to away all the time. I'm all about plausible deniability.


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                    That's not a bad idea. Even while invis, people can still message you on AIM. It gives away right away that you just don't want to talk to them :/