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GNOME 3.0 Is Coming, And Coming Soon!

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  • GNOME 3.0 Is Coming, And Coming Soon!

    Phoronix: GNOME 3.0 Is Coming, And Coming Soon!

    The K Desktop Environment community came out earlier this year with their brand new KDE 4.0 release that marked significant advancements to this open-source desktop environment compared to its KDE 3.5.x code-base. Meanwhile, the GNOME community has been living in a 2.0 cycle for quite some time with no signs of a major overhaul, but their six-month release cycles just continue to deliver new refinements and minor improvements...

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    lol, Gnome is so ridiculous. Why in the Gnome lifecycle there is no progress...

    First when I used Linux I had a Gnome desktop environment but for some time I changed to KDE and I think I will never change back


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      Yeah, exactly. At the time "Gnome 3.0" (whatever changes it will bring) is released, there's already KDE 4.4, and people know what the KDE team is able to do in just six months (KDE 4.0 > KDE 4.1).


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        Phoronix: GNOME 3.0 Is Coming, And Coming Soon!
        Soon is "Early 2010" ? Do they got UT3 devs working on it or what?


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          Nope, Gnome have hired Duke Nukem Forever devs!


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            Originally posted by IanW View Post
            Nope, Gnome have hired Duke Nukem Forever devs!

            I personally think they finally woke up from this nonsense that minor evolutionary upgrades would endure forever..

            Gnome interface is good, but is so many years behind Apple OSX...

            KDE4 is a little mess right now, but its breakage brought us a great flexibility and great tools for creating a great and modern interface! I think KDE4 compares to OSX, .0 was a total mess, .1 is much better, and after .2 they are just amazing


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              Originally posted by Gottxxc View Post
              lol, Gnome is so ridiculous. Why in the Gnome lifecycle there is no progress...
              Uh, what sort of progress do you expect from a desktop environment? Desktop environments mostly are a set of libraries to support application development, and be assured that those received plenty of updates during the Gnome 2 livecycle, as did the applications shipping with Gnome (I instantly think of Brasero, Totem, network-manger, ...). I think even metacity received updates ( ), there's a desktop search, there was work to support standards, better bluetooth integration, keyring improvements... in fact the release notes for each version clearly shows that relevant changes happened since 2.0 (enjoy educating yourself).

              So where exactly was KDE more busy during the 3.x livecycle (they were busy, no doubt, I don't dislike KDE either)? Both KDE and Gnome evolved nicely from what I can see.


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                Yawn. All these people bitching about "stupid development" and Topaz not being released "soon" would cry out and laugh about the developers, if they'd release an incomplete, buggy and not thoroughly thought through version of Gnome 3 and yell about the utter ignorance of the Gnome-team to present an unfinished version as *the* solution for an enduser. Nothing against the KDE4-development. It was just too high expectations for the .0-release of KDE.

                Get over it. And please, especially cut the "KDE vs Gnome"-crap and leave it to the Macintosh/Redmond-fanboys.


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                  How about a proper default (and fully supported) compositor... They claim that they already hae one working but all I get is a blue background with some unidentifiable shapes on it.... Compiz is nice, but still far too buggy....

                  We need a compositor that is fully supported by the gnome community...

                  Ooooohhh and how about less shitty (read reliable) removable disk mounting, unmounting, ejecting, etc,etc,etc.....


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                    My wishes for g3

                    I would really like to see in G3:
                    _Cosmetics related_
                    1) Themes integration with gnome-looks. Themes should be aware of updates.
                    2) Theme engine creator GUI. Same for icons...

                    _UI related_
                    Thinking of it, Compiz supply the missing bits here

                    _Administration related_
                    After using KDE for a while, I really missed the Kcontrolcenter...
                    The equivalent in gnome lacks a lot of basic administration tools. Current state is that distributions create CC (sometimes proprietary) alternatives for themselves. G3 should add a CC framework that can be easily customized per distribution. (Probably this will only occur in G5-6...). Searching and installing the perfect set of GTK admin tools is another option, but those tools differ in both UI standards and behavior (this argument is intended for the people that set the text field in pidgin to a constant height!).

                    Laugh as you may, these are the things I would rather see in G3.