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The Status of WINE 1.0: Arriving Soon

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  • The Status of WINE 1.0: Arriving Soon

    Phoronix: The Status of WINE 1.0: Arriving Soon

    WINE 1.0-rc4 was released last Friday and today the news coming out of WINE HQ is that WINE 1.0-rc5 -- the final release candidate before WINE 1.0 -- will be released tomorrow. Following the release of RC5, WINE 1.0.0 is expected to enter this world just a few days later...

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    why the rush

    "There are no open 1.0 bugs." --> yeah, because they have been all moved over to the next releases. I am so disappointed by their attitude in this regard lately. C'mon, why the rush. Why not take as much time as it needs to fix the rest of the bugs and release a higher quality version


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      I think you overrate a 1.0 release. Some projects switch fast to it, some slower, but it is often impossible to create a completely bugfree release.


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        I don't expect a bug-free release - I know its a tremendous undertaking - but its a shame that they keep shrinking their target goal wrt v1.0. Remember when 1.0 was supposed to represent a complete compatibility release. Boy, those were the times.