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Banshee 1.0 Released

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  • Banshee 1.0 Released

    Phoronix: Banshee 1.0 Released

    Banshee, the Linux media player backed by Novell that's built upon Mono and uses the GStreamer framework, has today reached the version 1.0 milestone. While there are plenty of people not fond of Mono or even Novell, Banshee has turned into a fairly feature-rich media player with support for synchronizing against the Apple iPod, Creative Zen, and other devices. Through Banshee's plug-in architecture, it also supports Podcasting, DAAP music sharing, and Internet radio support, just to name a few of these extensions.

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    Great, they added video playback and release version 1.0 before they even implemented gapless playback. Sorry, but I can't call Banshee a decent music player because of that.

    Prioritize what really matters, for crying out loud.


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      I don't understand the benefit of merging video and music into a single bloated media player. Especially the CD ripping/burning portion ...

      Personally, I believe more in having a "media management" application with an associated dedicated player.


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        Don't know why they call it 1.0. It's absolutely unusable for media library management.

        When I choose a Media Library folder, and uncheck the feature to copy imported files automatically, it does nothing.
        Have to manually import the media library folder again, to see my collection. I can import music from other locations...then why i have to select a media library folder?!?! If i pick an empty folder, it works the same clumsy way.

        Then I chose the feature to copy files to Media Library, added an empty folder to have it managed by the program. Added my music, it imported, copied, and arranged nicely.
        Then I modified some id3 info, and the folder names (artist - album - track name) remain the same!!

        Also if you manualy copy files to library, they are not detected. If you import again the whole media library, they aren't shown too!

        Delection manualy from library isn't honored too. You have to remove them from the app too.