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WINE Enters 1.0 Code Freeze

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  • WINE Enters 1.0 Code Freeze

    Phoronix: WINE Enters 1.0 Code Freeze

    Following the WINE 0.9.61 release this morning, the WINE code-base is now in a freeze up to version 1.0. Initially this code freeze is more of a "code frost" turning away patches that might risk introducing new regressions that would set back the 1.0 release date, but eventually the code will become frozen...

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    I don't understand the rush to give it 1.0 status.


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      I do not either.

      I mean, Warcraft III Battle.Net does not work with current Wine versions. If they just skip it as a showstopper, then I do not know what the sense of the 1.0 stable version is. It had been working for ages, and many users play Warcraft III.. See (just look at the subscribers)


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        When I think 1.0 as far as Wine, I think that 90% of programs should work and work well. But its current state is more around 40-50%. I don't know either what drives them to go for 1.0, I couldn't imagine it being a popularity contest or anything like that. Infact I think 1.0 at their current state could actually hurt their reputation. Say you download Wine 1.0, you think, well this thing should work pretty good. You load up a application or a game and you realize its not working right.

        I mean, Wine is at least 3-4 years away from 1.0.


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          Originally posted by deanjo View Post
          I don't understand the rush to give it 1.0 status.
          I think it's supposed to stand for the change in attitude. Previously if a new release broken your Windows app you were advised to downgrade to the wine release that did work. Now they're going to be very conservative and avoid regressions so that once an app works it should keep working with future releases.

          In other words, 1.0 means stable branch.

          But I agree 1.0 makes it sound more complete than it really is.
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            I think the intent of "1.0" is to mark a point where the Wine source organization / architecture is stable and get rid of any really nasty bugs, creating a "real" release. Until now they've essentially been releasing snapshots, to the best of my knowledge.