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Gfire is back (xfire plugin for pidgin/gaim)

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  • Gfire is back (xfire plugin for pidgin/gaim)

    Just a heads up to any people who use xfire (IM for gamers), I noticed Gfire is back. For those who do not know, Gfire used to be a plugin for gaim to support Xfire but it has aged and doesn't really work right anymore.

    People have asked the Xfire dev team for a port to Linux and have a 12 page thread about it on their forums. To ignore them, they have just put a [SOLVED] next to the topic of the thread and ignore it. I personally do not use xfire, but I know theres people out there that use it or would like to have a solution.

    You can find the new Gfire page at:

    Finally after 1 and half years, the next release of Gfire is almost ready for release. Version 0.7.0 will be the first release of Gfire since 16 September 2006 and the first release for the new Gfire dev team.

    The main new features include:

    * ported the gfire code from Gaim to Purple

    * added new protocol icons

    * added the about function

    * fixed the ?(AFK) Away From Keyboard? bug

    * fixed server port number

    Gfire 0.7.0 is currently undergoing beta testing, to make sure there are no bugs. Gfire 0.7.0 will be released shortly. However, it will be released just as source code which needs to be complied.