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    Okay, this is absolutely pathetic. I have a webcam on my Acer laptop and Skype works fantastically with it. I think Skype was written to use V4L2 to interface with my camera. However, no other webcam software I've tried can use this.

    xawtv was the closest, but it also messed up with the driver settings. Camorama and others don't work.

    My workaround right now is to run a video test on Skype so it runs the webcam and captures video, and then I run gimp for a desktop capture. Talk about pathetic workarounds!

    Surely there's one out there that will make my life easier... is there?

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    SDLcam ? ( )


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      It's a new app, and it's for KDE4. But you could still give it a try.


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        Tried sdlcam and it couldn't read from my camera. I haven't tried WebKam but that's because it's KDE which I don't want to have to install. This is XFCE with GNOME libraries.


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          I read that luvcview is supposed to support Acer Aspire Crystal Eye webcams so I gave a check on Ubuntu only to find out it's only available on Hardy.

          So, I just backported it into Gutsy. Now I have a webcam software that works.


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            camorama uses gtk.


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              As I said earlier, Camorama doesn't work. It's fine though. Now I have a webcam software to use.