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Pidgin 2.4.0 Released With New Features

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  • Pidgin 2.4.0 Released With New Features

    Phoronix: Pidgin 2.4.0 Released With New Features

    Pidgin, the popular IM client once known as GAIM, has flown out of the coop today with a new release. Pidgin 2.4.0 is the first update in about three months, but it brings a number of features to the client as well as libpurple and Finch...

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    Voice and video??



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      Too bad they are against adding audio and video support, that could attract more users.

      do the bugs in multiple conversations has been fixed? In MSN you try to create an independient conversation with other uses and pidgin adds that user to the conversation, on the contrary (some independient conversation by unrelated contacts) has problems too...


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        Just to clarify, attract more users to linux, not just pidgin. Pretty much everyone on ubuntu is on it, since it's like the best choice around... there's just nothing else better. Sadly.


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          The biggest drawback with that release is the not sizeable text box. This worked before and now it is fixed - it only grows when you write more text.


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            I don't agree, Pidgin is a lot buggy in many ways.

            And half-offtopic: Finch user interface is pure BS, it's totally unpractical. I would like a more IRC-like interface like irssi or weechat when using bitlbee.
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              Pidgin is here self-compiles and totally stable now, the last versions of gaim were horrible...
              Pidgin has the chance to include the otr-encryption-support out-of-the-box and make encryption possible for so many users, today everything is logged at icq&co....
              BUT they do it not because they have not written the plugin. that is so sad. Adium (can be called the mac-version of pidgin, is based on pidgin) has the otr-encryption out of the box and is such a great experience. it is so sad that pidgin does it not in the same way.

              Pidgin is great for everyone who is not able to go away from bad buggy protocols to jabber. For me it was a good possibility to use a proprietery progocoll parallel to jabber, now i use only jabber....

              I think Pidgin is a great and simple client for bad protocols.


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                I've always been happy with Pidgin but Voice and Video would be something. As of now, I don't know any IM software that does that under Linux and that's just a real shame.

                Pidgin's new features need to get staggeringly huge and irresistible because their software performs quite well on its own and it's getting difficult, IMO, to see huge leaps in their development save for fixing protocol problems that arise when Y! and MSN decide to change communication protocols.

                By the way, I've used Finch for a good few months and I see no problem.


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                  Originally posted by timofonic View Post
                  Too bad they are against adding audio and video support, that could attract more users.
                  Just so you know, it's less "against" doing it and more to do with the voice and video support for most of the IM clients use proprietary AND patented algorithms. They're not using ILBC or h.263, you know...


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                    And you know that kopete can use for example Yahoo (and i think even MSN) video chat?