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Opera 29 Brings Tab Synchronization Between Devices

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  • Opera 29 Brings Tab Synchronization Between Devices

    Phoronix: Opera 29 Brings Tab Synchronization Between Devices

    For those still using the Opera web-browser on Linux, version 29 was released yesterday with new features...

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    Opera? You mean that software that started as an excellent, feature-packed alternative to mainstream browsers, and suddenly dropped everything that made it unique and turned into a mainstream browser? Yeah, synchronization... cool.


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      It had sync back in the days too, yeah, useful.
      Too bad they dismantled the main Desktop team, so much for that:


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        In case any Opera devs are reading, bring us Opera Mail to Linux - that's about the most interesting thing Opera has right now as most Linux email clients are inadequate.

        Opera UX Design is interesting but there's really nothing compelling me to use it as a WebDev over Firefox or Chrome - does it have a better Console / IDE / alternative to Firebug etc... I find that Firefox and Chrome both have different IDE elements that make them both required - how I wish I had all the features in a single browser.


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          The only gripe I have with it at the moment is that it often runs around all my bookmarks, hitting each page in the background. I think this is something to do with the sync stuff as it didn't do that before it was added but I still don't know what it's actually doing it for. I don't recall the old Opera doing that. I notice because I see the network activity on gkrellm spike up when I'm not doing anything. I guess it's not a problem per se but it still unnerves me.