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NetworkManager Drops WiMAX Support

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    If pigs are flying

    Originally posted by pal666 View Post
    and if pigs can fly, what that means ?
    When pigs fly, stout overhead cover is needed...


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      Rich nations have no right to screw rest of world with IP crap

      Originally posted by Tiger_Coder View Post
      There are lot's of WiMAX user at least in Bangladesh and that did not seems to go away in anytime soon. Yeah one of the peaks of living in a developing country is our tech systems are really old and hard to change.

      But I guess this drop will have any real life effect either because for once old WiMax devices never really worked out of the box in Linux. For one popular modem, from a old blob linux driver, someone reverse engineered a kernel module and created a ppa for that(I think that might be some law breaking or something but who cares) but they also needed scripts to start, not Network Manager. Because of demand of Linux and Mac drivers(yes a huge demand for Linux, actually more than Mac I would say) newer modems actually comes as hostless, connected as usb lan.
      This is a perfect example of why international trade deals that seek to extend US style copyright law to less well off countries are oppressive and sick. If it is a necessity for people in a non wealthy country to use a reverse-engineered blob to make the hardware they can get or already have work, no suit and tie corporatist living in luxury in New York City or LA has any right to go to the WTO or some other tribunal and whine about it. This is bad enough with software patents (and yes, blob copyrignts) but far worse with things like MonSatan and their patented seeds with hacked DNA.


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        Originally posted by bridgman View Post
        I live in Canada, but so far out there is nothing but trees. My nearest neighbors are deer, coyotes and wild turkeys, next closest neighbors are cows.

        Nearest "remote village" is about 8km away (and, more importantly, a couple of big hills away). I had assumed that at least DSL would be available, but apparently there's something like 27km of wire between me and the central office (so my best 56K modem connected at about 21K and the rest wouldn't connect at all).
        Interesting to me that WiMax is a new addition where you are. Once upon a time long ago, I dabbled in WISP technologies (over 10 years ago) and WiMax was just hitting the pavement with pre-standard finalization gear. At the time, it was way too expensive for providing rural areas internet although that's one application it was intended for. I'm guessing with Sprint decomming their WiMax gear, that there's a secondary market for all that stuff and whomever is providing it picked up some and is providing you service over that. Just a guess. or maybe with most people abandoning it for LTE the price on gear has dropped.