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KDE Applications 15.04 Adds Kdenlive & KDE Telepathy

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    Originally posted by Kemosabe View Post
    Can't wait for KDE5 as default for archlinux which will happen as soon as all applications are ported over.
    There's no need to wait for all applications ported over. Most applications just works in combined 4/5 environment. With Breeze theme, it looks the same.


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      This is great news for Kdenlive

      I installed kdenlive 15.03 as soon as I was able to compile it, about a week after release. When the Sunab PPA in Ubuntu Vivid caught up, I switched to their build, It works great and looks fantastic set to follow my "UbuntuStudio-Legacy" theme's Gtk2 theme. KDE has long had a policy of being able to be themed to resemble anything from Windows to GNOME and it seems this still works today. The only real bug is that estimated render times don't make it to the GUI, that's no big deal.

      Right now the Ubuntu Vivid repo still lists kdenlive 0.9.10, the KDE4 version. I would assume that since kubuntu 15.04 is supposed to use kf5, this will catch up before release later this month, at least before kubuntu releases. That will allow anyone using Ubuntu, Kubuntu, UbuntuStudio, etc to pull it in, and my guess is UbuntuStudio would have it by default. Mint users will have to either wait, update the underlying Ubuntu by changing repos twice, or install kf5 and Kdenlive by a local build. This is because Mint now pins Ubuntu at LTS releases.


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        Originally posted by Nth_man View Post
        Are you using the extension "HTTPS Everywhere"?
        Indeed. Crazy that HTTPS makes it redirect to the wiki?


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          Missing photo organizer


          I wish someone would create a decent photo organizer program that makes it easy to work on photos directly on a NAS with the speed of Picasa.
          Digikam is a good one, but it is very slow in comparison with Picasa. Maybe if they could get proper support for MySQL it would improve.
          Loading a folder with 1500 photos in Picasa is a breeze no matter what computer you use, but not so in any other GNU program I have ever used.

          Anyone know what Picasa is doing in order to load photos that fast?