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Foobnix Music Player Ported To GTK3

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    Originally posted by Hermit View Post
    Amarok2 goes even further with the social integration aspect. Personally I think Clementine has just about the perfect balance of core music playing features and rich media enhancement. On the other extreme, deadbeef is probably the closest to a no-frills foobar2000-like experience.
    +1 for's definitely a great player without the irritating fluff.


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      Originally posted by kaprikawn View Post
      Oh how I hate the interface of just about every music player I've used on Linux. There's simply nothing that comes close to Media Monkey or Foobar2000, I wish either of those were open source.

      The closest I've come to liking one is Songbird, but look how that went.
      Have you tried DeaDBeeF ? I used to be a foobar2000 user and I had a minimalistic user interface. DeaDBeeF simply plays music and is not bloated!