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Kdenlive Ported To Qt5/KF5, Coming To KDE Applications 15.04

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  • Kdenlive Ported To Qt5/KF5, Coming To KDE Applications 15.04

    Phoronix: Kdenlive Ported To Qt5/KF5, Coming To KDE Applications 15.04

    Last month there was a long overdue development update on Kdenlive, an open-source video editor associated with the KDE camp. Today comes more exciting news for anyone using this video editor on Linux...

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    Very nice news. I'm currently rendering a video on Kdenlive 0.9 and am on Plasma 5, so this is something I've been looking forward to for a while.


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      The Qt5/KF5 port still isn't stable yet though and Kdenlive would like testers to help iron out all of the bugs before the 15.04 release.

      Instructions on how to compile the latest KF5 port are here:


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        Sunab PPA for Ubuntu had build failure on this yesterday.

        The Sunab PPA for Ubuntu had build failures on this yesterday for both x86 and x86-64. Otherwise I would have been using it to make yesterday's video of the AIPAC conventions protests. I am very curious to see this, but as I recall kdenlive was never easy to build and if someone running an Ubuntu PPA for kdenlive was unable to build it I am very reluctant to burn bandwidth on dowloading all those build dependencies, etc for an attempt on my own. His build log looked like some package could not be found, I have not normally been able to get around that when installing the -dev package for something does not fix it.


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          This works on Ubuntu 15.04 after trashing one MLT file

          I compiled kdenlive 15.03 last night, and at first it segfaulted. It turned out after a little research that MLT loads a QT module, which in turn tries to load QT4 and causes the segfault. Just like the gtk2 and gtk3 widgets in same process issue, but not as nicely handled.The fix is to delete from /usr/lib/mlt/ , then kdenlive works fine, does not seem to need that modue. With some difficuly I made a rough .deb package of it. Had to remove all traces of the previous kdenlive install, build the new one to install into /usr, then find and copy every last piece into a debian package filesystem, they do NOT all go into the same places as before due to the switch to kde5! It will be easy enough in the future however to use that package as a base for updated versions.

          Anyway, I will be using this from here on I hope, did have to hunt down moved "luma" files when opening an old project but it edited and rendered just fine. Also kf5 did a very nice job of rendering my Gtk theme, the nasty sidebar white text on white background bug is all the way gone and it looks like the filechooser is the gtk2 version that works so well when using the gtk style setting. I don't know if KDE is simply calling that widget from gtk2 or simply cloning it's look, but if the latter it is an exact copy. Even the toolbars now match my gtk applications. Wonder i a gtk application can do this while running in KDE with a native kf5 theme like Breeze, I'll have to check that one next.