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Kdenlive KDE Video Editor Is Still Progressing

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    Originally posted by tuke81 View Post
    Ehh there is vlc backend for kde, you don't need to use gstreamer at all(infact vlc backend was maybe still is the default backend). But your problem is probably caused by libav/ffmpeg...
    Well, I had VLC selected as the backend in phonon (as 1st place), but it didn't help. Kdenlive only gave a very vauge and generic message, something like "this file is not a correct clip", that doesn't help debugging stuff at all. And I didn't have the time to look for solutions then.

    I miss the times when all this video and graphics stuff was simpler (or it was me that had the time to keep up with all this and just knew how to handle this stuff, now after a couple of years of work and specializing in other fields it all seems too complicated... and I feel old :-P )