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    More on GTK3/flash situation

    The "blocker bug" for Firefox adopting GTK3 has been this long list of GTK3 bugs-but which ends with the flash gtk3/gtk2 in same process issue.
    In it omeone proposed this fix, originally blocked by a later resolved bug:

    "WebKitGtk3-2.0 already has a fix that we could adopt (if applicable):
    'The WebkitGTK+ solution for the Flash problem was implemented in version
    2.0 by having a second process linked against GTK2 to run browser plugins
    while Webkit itself is linked to GTK3. This makes Flash work again.' "

    "It's covered by Bug 624422 where two libxul are build and plugin-container is linked to the gtk2 one."

    Bug 624422 is now marked "resolved-fixed" Allow GTK3 libxul to load GTK2 plugins

    If so, Firefox devs may be able to get past the Flash issue at least, but the filechooser widget is still a
    mess beginning with GTK3.14. I suppose they could write a custom widget for that...


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      GTK3 has its good points

      Originally posted by stqn View Post
      GTK3 is complete crap anyway.
      GTK3 has its good points, I particularily like the ability to do a nice theme without relying on theme engines for which finding documentation can be the Devil's own work.
      I have almost the exact same customized theme based on the circa 2008 UbuntuStudio-Legacy theme and on code from the "E17" Gtk3 theme. No theme engines at all in
      the GTK3 version but adding those pretty radio buttons and sliders from the GTK3 theme to the old UbuntuStudio theme triples the amount of code used and made it
      require both the Murrine and Pixmap theme engines. I hope to eliminate Murrine in a refactoring, but Pixmap is needed to do what GTK3 can do natively working from
      a css file alone.


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        Originally posted by stqn View Post
        GTK3 is complete crap anyway.
        It is fine for little fingers and touch guys


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          I didn't know about the 3.14 file chooser, so I looked it up and went there (blog post from when it was work-in-progress)

          The stories on the side are hilarious : features removed from chess, sudoku and Mines. The Minesweeper is now in black and white hahaha


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            I think i will for sure remove gtk3 now Just after reading this

            If we don't remove 3D mode, then it needs to be ported from GLX to EGL
            prior to 3.14 in order to run naively under Wayland, which is not
            something we're currently planning to work on. The severe performance
            issues with smooth mode would need to be addressed (or smooth mode could
            be removed). I also see limited value in retaining 3D mode unless it
            receives attention from a graphics artist. Additionally, there are
            currently severe flickering issues caused by the recent double-buffering
            changes in GTK+, but that change might be reverted so we may not have to
            worry about it.

            Fuck the Wayland
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              And that gay's thing is an argument for systemd Fuck Gnome, Fuck Lennart, Fuck Red Hat... do what you want


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                I don't really get why GTK would invoke its own file chooser. Can't it look at the environment and invoke the preferred one, like the Qt file chooser on KDE, or the Windows file chooser on Windows?


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                  GTK is *the* environment?
                  Well, Windows makes it easy, as you're on Windows so you know you'll likely want the file chooser from Windows.
                  Maybe you will do that with KDE or straight Gnome but after that, will you check for every possible desktop environment or window manager, every random configuration and how will you know what is expected?

                  A part of using linux is you can get a GTK2 file chooser, or a GTK3 one, or a Qt one, and a Motif, Tk (ugh) or FLTK one.
                  But while I'm checking stuff I'm not too sure lol. I'm having trouble telling the GTK2 and GTK3 file choosers apart and wonder if the GTK3 file chooser has improved to not be as stupid as before (I have gtk 3.10 now, used to have gtk 3.8). Oh yes, I think near everything gives me a GTK2 chooser ; one app (deadbeef) configured as GTK3 gives what seemed to be a GTK3 file chooser but it remembers last directory !

                  Straight Qt apps gives me a GTK2 file chooser (it seems), KDE apps (well the one I have installed) give me a Qt file chooser.

                  For all I know, I think Qt is set up to spawn a GTK2 file chooser (maybe the distro maintainers configured it), KDE apps don't follow that settings but do their KDE things, and most of my apps use GTK2 - the rest just spawn what their toolkit has.
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                    A fix for the GTK3 sidebar hover bug

                    Setting GtkWidget-wide-separators: true in any GTK3 theme is the cause of the sidebarhover bug (entries that move around and render twice). Find it in your theme and set it to false like below and that bug disappears.

                    /* A fix for the notorious sidebar hover issue */
                    -GtkWidget-wide-separators: false;

                    This is a workaround, not a fix. Gtk itself should either make wide separators work right or ignore a call for them from the theme until they are fixed. I suspect many theme developers do not know about this, I didn't until I found a theme yesterday with a fix for this mentioned in their changelog and tried elements of it cut and pasted into my theme until I found the fix. Only one line was needed. I set it globally, but it should be enough to set it in sidebar. If global you do need to make sure the sidebar section of the theme does not locally reset it to true


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                      Originally posted by grok View Post
                      GTK is *the* environment?
                      No it's not, by environment I meant environment variables. If there is some sort of $PREFERRED_FILECHOOSER environment variable, or some other variable that gives information on whether you're running a DE that prefers Qt or GTK, it could use that information to invoke the right file chooser. Like you said, Qt apps invoke the GTK2 file chooser on relevant platforms, so it's not like it's impossible to do.