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Kano: A few questions regarding Kanotix Live

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  • Kano: A few questions regarding Kanotix Live

    Hello again, in order to not deviate the other thread I decided to create this new one in order to make it easier for others with similar if not the same questions as I, to easily find the answers, hence I'm posting in the Desktop forum rather than the General Linux one for the same reason.

    The very first thing I noticed when downloading the iso is that it is a 1.7 live image, now that is not a problem as such, but you indeed require a USB flash drive of at least 2 Gb or a DVD to burn it... However regarding the USB method, I wanted to know which way is the one preferred for Kanotix, especially when getting the iso from a non-debian derivative distribution, or even a non-Linux OS? I ask this because I know I could use any USB creation tools available, however when talking about non-linux environments the list quickly shortens, and I only know of one for Windows machines (Fedora's Live USB creator tool). What tools are there available for Mac users? There doesn't seem to be much information regarding this on the Wiki at either.

    In regards to (U)EFI, there is mention of the ESC (very first FAT32 partition 100-300 Mb in size), etc, however there is no mention if you require any additional EFI programs to load the distribution once installed or not. Neither is there information about quirks specific to Apple Macintosh specific EFI implementation(s).

    Of all these I know that the best way to find out is to tinker around, I just wanted to know if there were any addtional tips available, especially regarding that not mentioned in the Wiki.


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    Duh! A google search returned the info regarding the USB part, at

    About Apple's EFI, though... Not so lucky. Still looking