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Beryl 0.1.3 Released

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  • Beryl 0.1.3 Released

    Originally posted by Phoronix News
    Beryl, the popular window manager forked from Compiz has introduced its 0.1.3 release. This release is coming a little over a month after the Beryl 0.1.2 release. Among the new features in Beryl 0.1.3 are plugins for group, 3D world, input enabled zoom, annotate, and clone output. Aquamarine (the KDE window decorator) and GTK window decorator (Heliodor) have been included in this release. Some of the other new features for this release are new multicube modes, transparent cube modes, new zoom from center options for animations, drag and drop support in scale, blur cache functionality increased, pointer restrain on resize, allow minimized windows to show on scale, and negative windows have exclude list. Several bugs have also been addressed in this release. The release notes for Beryl version 0.1.3 can be read here.
    Michael Larabel

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    I got around to trying out Berl 0.1.3 today with Fedora Core 6 using the Extras repository. Beryl 0.1.3 is running very nice right now on FC6 -- no problems and some very nice changes.
    Michael Larabel


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      I tried Beryl 0.1.3 on Zenwalk 4.0. But it didn't run as smooth as the desktop effects within Fedora Core 6 (AIGLX).


      I've now installed Ubuntu 6.10 and enabled desktop effects with Compiz. Runs a lot smoother than Beryl on my Zenwalk (same machine though).

      What I prefer on Compiz compared to Beryl is the fact that I can keep the window decoration.
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