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OpenMoko Divorces FIC, Gets New Product

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  • OpenMoko Divorces FIC, Gets New Product

    Phoronix: OpenMoko Divorces FIC, Gets New Product

    OpenMoko has today announced that they are now a separate company from FIC. While FIC will continue to invest in OpenMoko and will manufacturer products for the OpenMoko platform, it has become a separate company in order to further develop its brand leadership and develop new open-source business models...

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    I am interested in buying the OpenMoko once it's ready. What really convinced me is the Wishlist, it just shows the unlimited possibilities of the device. My favourite are:

    -Emergency Call eg. when the device detects too high deacceleration
    -Dictionary and thesaurus, I'm studying Chinese so this is welcome. I could use SCIM to write SMS/emails and connect to online/offline dictionaries on the go.
    -Seamless calendar and contacts integration with my PC since both are running Linux

    -Anti-theft mode
    -Dude, where's my car?
    -Bluetooth management
    -Keep-in-touch reminder

    -OpenOffice presenter control
    -Mesh networking
    -Interaction with LEGO Mindstorm
    -Amarok remote control
    -Extra Wii controller

    I wonder what it will mean to them losing the direct support of FIC and why they had to seperate ways. Hoping for the best!


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      Bad wording in the News title

      From the title I understood OpenMoko separated forcibly from FIC as in some disagreement inside the team.
      Originally posted by phoronix View Post
      Phoronix: OpenMoko Divorces FIC, Gets New Product
      Reading the body of the article I get to know this is not actually the case, but it is still a bad call. "separated" was a better word.
      Or first explaining the need for a separation: "<<FIC>> decided OpenMoko needs better marketing than it can provide, thus making a subsidiary company".