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    Originally posted by pumrel View Post
    So if I understand it correctly, in the future, distros that have been including KDE with a certain version number, like 4.13, will have to state the version number of KDE frameworks, KDE plasma and KDE apps? Like now we have Kubuntu with, say, KDE 4.13, but then we'll have Kubuntu with KDE Frameworks 5.2, KDE Plasma 5.1 and KDE Apps 5.0? That's a bit confusing for the users. How can they know what to expect?
    I doubt there will be much confusion, mostly because the version of Frameworks doens't matter to users and they are used to applications having their own versions.

    I expect that, just like on Windows, which has Windows itself at version 8, development framework .Net at 4.5, browser Internet Explorer at 11 and office suite Office at 2014, most users will either not care about the version or know that independent products can have different versions.