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The DDE 2.0 Desktop Is Looking Nice

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    Originally posted by widardd View Post
    CPU scaling doesn't work that way, you cannot simply abstract performance from 1 to X cores.
    How about running some task X on both hardware? X could be 1) cpu intensive command line app 2) launching a big desktop app 3) some normal long term operation like indexing all movies in XBMC database? Surely there is some way to measure the systems? In all these cases my calculations pretty much hold water. Of course the network can be also a bottleneck in 3).


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      Originally posted by widardd View Post
      Sorry, but i got a serious problem with attitudes like this.
      Forcing users to buy new products every 5 years is wasting ressources.
      And wasting ressources just because they're cheap (Memory for google/MS/KDE/GNOME) is the worst.

      Anything not "close to metal" is wasting ressources, if you ask me. How can concentrating everything on unefficient high level languages be a good idea regarding this?

      As long as i see JS locking up my 5-6 year old machines, or an ARMv6 with Maemo surpassing modern day Snapdragons with Googles funny VM, i don't think i can be convinced.
      This. Doesn't matter that "what you can buy" would run JS acceptably. Installed base is what matters.