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GNOME 3.13.2 Temporarily Depends On Systemd

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    Originally posted by prodigy_ View Post
    It's not going to change just because some fanboys on Phoronix are jumping out of their pants trying to convert everyone to their newfound systemd religion.
    So when you make up your mind based on your experiences, that's fine and dandy, but when others come to different conclusions based on theirs they must obviously be fanboys and religious fanatics to boot.

    I know you're not stupid based on your input in unrelated threads, but boy do you dig your heels in when someone even mentions systemd. Thus far your answers have pretty much boiled down to "it's too different and I don't like it and there's scary crimson headwear everywhere." Not that it matters, but I for one find systemd quite interesting. It will certainly make my job a bit easier.


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      Originally posted by prodigy_ View Post
      It's not my logic. And it's not logic at all. I'm sorry but your post is a mishmash of random sentences that don't make sense - neither on their own nor when put together.
      Let's make this simple. You say these parts are useless. That means, by definition, one of these must be the case:
      1. These parts aren't being used
      2. Any project using it is developed completely by idiots.
      3. Any project using it is secretly being controlled behind the scenes by Red Hat.

      Is there another option? If so, please explain what it is?

      Which of these do you think is the case, considering that pretty much all majors distros and desktop environments are using systemd? Ignorining Red Hat, Fedora, and Gnome, which you probably think are controlled are Red Hat.

      If you think it varies, please explain what is the case for these distros and desktop environments that use systemd and why:
      1. ArchLinux
      2. Debian
      3. openSUSE
      4. Ubuntu
      4. KDE
      5. XFCE
      6. LXQt
      7. Enlightenment