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Chrome 35 Released With Aura Replacing GTK+

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    Originally posted by mikefreeman View Post
    A little off-topic, I apologize. But, does anyone know how to revert from this version of Chrome to an older one with NPAPI support? The only XBMC addon for viewing Amazon Prime content that is functional now relies on Chrome to play content through the NPAPI Flash (the built-in PPAPI Flash is missing the necessary DRM code). This is an absolutely necessary piece for my Linux/XBMC-based HTPC, and I blindly updated to this version without remembering that they removed the NPAPI support a couple versions ago.
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, shit. I updated too, damn it.


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      Originally posted by 89c51 View Post
      Does GTK3 means a working FF on wayland or we will need more stuff for it?

      TBH i don't think we'll see FF running on pure WL anytime soon
      I suppose they need to port their XUL toolkit to wayland to get FF running?


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        Originally posted by daedaluz
        Internet Explorer
        inbuilt-browsers of Eclipse and Netbeans
        Emacs browser
        that QML browser I made one morning
        You have choice. I recommend Epiphany, allows you to create web apps easily.
        I have to say that
        1) I use Linux and do not plan to change that in foreseeable future. Hence its pointless to offer me win-only stuff like IE.
        2) I also told it have to be open. In no way I would enter sensitive data into blob doing hell-knows-what. So various proprietary skins to webkit/blink like Opera and Maxthon are no use for me either.
        3) I do not give a f..k to web apps. I just do not care about it. I only care about more or less modern web features like HTML5 video and webGL to be working, but that's all.
        4) I asked for more or less strong competitor, didn't I? So your QML browser is cool, but...
        5) And it have to be usable, after all. Not sure who out of this list would qualify.


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          This new Chrome on Fedora 20 KDE is more stable and fast, as well as more ugly and inconvenient. The "translate page" pop-up has a button in KDE style, and the other one in this new flat style. I can't select text in certain sites which was entirely possible in previous version and in Firefox.

          This thing needed a few more weeks of testing and quality control.


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            Yes, Oxygen-GTK theme was nicer than this Aura theme. However, Aura interface loads a bit faster than GTK+. They should have switched to some modern toolkit like Qt5.


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              Originally posted by 89c51 View Post
              Does GTK3 means a working FF on wayland or we will need more stuff for it?

              TBH i don't think we'll see FF running on pure WL anytime soon
              No. FF uses GTK mostly just for theming purposes, there are still lots of direct calls to X that will all need to be replaced before Wayland can work. GTK3 is just step 1 of the process.

              I wouldn't expect to see it working anytime soon either.


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                Originally posted by Temar View Post
                Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, shit. I updated too, damn it.
                You'll have to state which distro you're using when asking that question.

                I'll assume you're using Ubuntu with Chromium, in which case what you need is
                apt-cache showpkg [I]chromium-browser[/I]
                sudo apt-get install [I]chromium-browser[/I]=VERSIONYOUWANT
                Further, if you want to lock that version, do
                sudo echo ?[I]chromium-browser[/I] hold? | sudo dpkg ?set-selections
                You'll need to swap out package name in italics if you're running Google Chrome.

                I guess there's also a way to do it graphically, Google that shit in yo' shiny new browser.

                Anyone else got some serious issues with Aura and Nvidia proprietary drivers?
                Had to downgrade back to 34 because it was an unusable mess. (Arch w/NVIDIA 337.19-1)