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Mozilla's Route For Implementing W3C EME (HTML5 DRM)

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    Originally posted by kpedersen View Post
    I dont know... Frankly I refuse to consume any content protected by DRM, whether it is an "open" DRM system or a binary blob. So whether I refuse to install Flash, or whether I refuse to install some other binary DRM blob, the outcome is the same. Sitting on the moral high ground of a boycott

    Frankly the potential talk of adding adverts to Mozilla Firefox had a lot more impact on me. I couldn't care less about things like Netflix.

    There is a massive load of content (free and non-free) on sites like the Pirate Bay, why do people even use streaming services? Perhaps pay for the content and then grab a torrent. Simple and I don't believe it breaks any enforcable terms of use either.

    Streaming services are "old fashioned".
    I sometimes have no choice (eg. university course materials) so I have a strict policy of only using Flash to generate the request parameters necessary for tools like rtmpsrv to dump the video to disk for MPlayer-based playback and preservation.

    (I use rtmpsrv for two reasons. First, it's more robust than rtmpsuck. Second, I consider it a feature that it prevents the flash player from playing as the file downloads. I only ever see content that I get to keep.)