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Google Web Designer Is Now Natively Available On Linux

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    Originally posted by mendieta View Post
    Why would they not write the tool itself in HTML 5 or similar, as an online tool, a la google docs? It would help with their push to web-centric services, and the push to chromebooks and chromeboxes.

    Anyways, has anyone tried it?
    I'm about to try it.
    Either way. Google docs is really slow and clunky. I have tried several online web tools and they usually feel slow and clunky. It's a small gripe for developers so I applaud Google for going one step further. I'm frustrated enough with too much layering on hardware that is capable of so much more.

    Re: GTK / QT etc... I guess google are trying not to keep their eggs in one basket because who knows. If they supported QT for EVERYTHING. Chances are, apple or M$ would buy them out...


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      > Chances are, apple or M$ would buy them out...

      There's the nice things of e.g. software with a GPL license :-). No one can leave people without that software; in that case, if no new versions are made available because Apple or M$: Google can say "fork you" :-), like Google has already done with Webkit. It increases peace of mind :-)